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TW Law Group, PLLC Business Law Group has the litigation experience and the business savvy to help you meet your objectives whether you are initiating action, or you are facing a lawsuit, TW Law Group, PLLC provides counsel in business litigation for a wide range of clients in Orlando Florida and actually throughout the state of Florida.TW Law Group, PLLC real estate interests, represents corporations, large and small businesses, family-owned business, and individuals in any type of business or commercial dispute, including:

Business Law Contracts

If your company has been sued for failure to meet its obligations regarding business, or If another party has failed to fulfill its contractual duties, it is important to understand your options and to respond as effectively as possible. TW Law Group, PLLC provides experienced business representation services to clients in order to resolve difficult and costly contract disputes. TW Law Group, PLLC represents businesses throughout the state of Florida in commercial contract disputes and business-to- business litigation. TW Law Group, PLLC is passionate in initiating or defending your legal action and is sensitive to your time, expense and distraction.


TW Law Group, PLLC business law provides plaintiff and defense counsel to companies large and small, and has handled various types of breach of contract scenarios:

• Commercial lease disputes
• Commercial construction litigation
• Conflicts in employee agreements
• Violation of licensing agreements
• Contracting for services
• Disputes with vendors and suppliers
• Contracts with customers for goods or services
• Contracts governed by the Uniform Commercial Code
• Transactions governed by the UCC

FRAUD: In Orlando Florida, TW Law Group, PLLC provides experienced legal services for matters involving fraud. TW Law Group, PLLC has experience handling a diverse range of legal issues involving fraud, including the prosecution and defense of lawsuits, and the arbitration and mediation of disputes. Our legal services are cost-effective and are focused on fully meeting your needs and objectives.

• Bank fraud
• Insurance fraud
• Fraudulent conveyance
• Wire fraud
• Mail fraud
• General fraud claims

INSURANCE FRAUD: TW Law Group, PLLC represents insurance companies, policyholders, business clients and other parties throughout the Orlando Florida area who are involved in an insurance fraud dispute. Our law firm is a business and commercial law firm that passionately seeks solutions for you and is adept at handling complex cases.

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Insurance Fraud Disputes: Areas of Focus

• Business to Business Collections

TW Law Group, PLLC will help you to get paid for providing others with goods or services. Businesses exist to provide goods and services and in many cases, the clients to whom the goods or services are being provided are themselves other businesses. And in a lot of business cases, there are situations where it becomes a challenge for one party to collect from another party. The reason for nonpayment is often indiscernible and could range from a dispute regarding the kinds of good sold or the quality of service or because of cash flow problems on the part of the indebted party.

• Real Estate Transactions

TW Law Group, PLLC are here to help our clients buy and sell commercial real estate. We are adept with assisting in the due diligence process, the document creation, and review process. There are many pitfalls that must be avoided to make sure that the buyer of real estate end up owning what they think they are buying and making sure they know what that is. If you or your business is considering buying a piece of real estate we would be pleased to assist you. We also represent both Landlords and Tenants. If your business is entering into a lease, that is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will make – you should hire TW Law Group, PLLC, and allow our lawyers to review ALL leases before you sign them. We will be pleased to help you!

• Advising New Businesses

TW Law Group, PLLC helps you to strategically make many decisions that are made at the beginning of a new business which can have long term impacts. It is critical that a business select the right entity, take steps to allow it to operate efficiently and limit its owner’s liability. We are looking forward to helping new businesses with these and other important formation decisions. If you are starting a new business, we would be happy to meet with you – the sooner the better – to make sure that we get your business off to the RIGHT start and help you to build the strongest foundation so that your business can grow.

• Business Disputes and Litigation

Sometimes situations arise where two or more parties just cannot reach a resolution. As business people, TW Law Group, PLLC, we typically gear our practice to try to assist our clients in finding business solutions to these problems. It only becomes necessary to litigate these disputes If no agreeable solution can be reached. TW Law Group, PLLC Business Law area have been litigating and handling business disputes for my entire career. Attorney Tanya White has litigated cases involving amounts in controversy from a few thousand dollars to “bet your last dollar” cases. In Tanya White’s Business experience, the best deal cannot be reached unless the other side can be made to feel that they have risk in the litigation process. We have developed a reputation among our peers for being able to create the sense of risk in our opponents which leads to the best negotiated outcome and when necessary, to try the case to conclusion.

• Business Representation

Most business people would love to have access to a lawyer whenever they have a question. Well, TW Law Group, PLLC’s clients have that access! We frequently form long term relationships with our business customers representing them for extended periods of time. We have learned understood their businesses and have become a valuable resource for our client’s management team. Attorney Tanya White’s history of business representation and being both the Chief Operating Officer as well as a successful entrepreneur of a multi-locations of two different business types gives her a unique perspective of how to answer the day to day questions faced by large and small business owners. It is our goal to help our business clients avoid problems. If you have a business question – including employee issues, contract issues, business sale or purchase issues, collection issues or defense of claims issues – We would be pleased to meet with you and determine if our experience and skills can help you with your business.

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Family Law Criminal Law Business Law
Personal Injury Wills & Estate

Having a legal issue is generally an unpleasant experience. It may mean that you have been hurt, injured or wronged in some way. TW Law Group, PLLC understands how confused you may be feeling, and I am here to protect your rights and to fight in your corner. You don’t have to suffer in silence if the law is on your side. Below are services we offer.

Family Law

Handling the legal aspect of family-related issues can be emotionally challenging in a variety of ways. Selecting the alternative of ending your marriage can be an exceptionally difficult decision. When you are facing divorce or separation, you will often find yourself feeling depressed and drained. A divorce in Florida, legally in and of themselves involves stress, anxiety, and worry. A divorce in Florida can be an intimidating field for those unfamiliar with its nuances, especially when you have a lot to lose. For many people, family law issues such as divorce, child custody battles, and alimony issues can feel absolutely overwhelming. TW Law Group, PLLC, will handle your divorce in Orlando Florida, Winter Park Florida, Ocoee Florida, and other surrounding areas.

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Criminal Law

At TW Law Group, PLLC, our criminal law defense firm holds ourselves to the highest standard of success. We shall ensure that you get the best outcome possible for your case. We believe everyone is entitled to respect, discretion, and an expert defense. We’ll undertake your case passionately until a solution is reached with the greatest of care and personal attention. We will diligently work on a successful outcome before trial and without premature bargaining or compromising. The key to our success is appropriate and adequate communication with prosecutors, with judges, with witnesses, and with juries.

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Business Law

TW Law Group, PLLC, Business Law Group has the litigation experience and the business savvy to help you meet your objectives whether you are initiating action, or you are facing a lawsuit, TW Law Group, PLLC provides counsel in business litigation for a wide range of clients in Orlando Florida and actually throughout the state of Florida.

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Personal Injury

In the State of Florida, If you or someone you sincerely care about has suffered personal injury due to harm as a result of another’s negligence or wrongful act, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your damages. At TW Law Group, PLLC. we have helped victims and families through the personal injury claim process – and we’re prepared to passionately fight for the compensation you deserve. In addition to the Orlando Florida area, we are also serving Winter Park, Ocala, Osceola, and Windermere Florida.

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Wills and Estate

TW Law Group, PLLC is aware that everyone will pass away someday and it is important to be prepared. This includes designating beneficiaries, managing your assets, gifting whatever you wish to your loved ones, and so on. Our Team will want to ensure that you have a secure plan in place in case an emergency does occur because people unexpectedly die or become incapacitated every day. If you or a loved one passes away or becomes unable to communicate, the estate plan which TW Law Group, PLLC helps to create will determine the course of action that should be taken. In addition to serving Orlando Florida, we also serve cities surrounding Winter Park, Ocala, Windermere, and Melbourne Florida.

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